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English Information of “Mixed Bathing World”

Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2015 “Mixed Bathing World”


The Concept “Mixed Bathing World”

Hot water pours from the earth and collects in hollows. These pools belong to no one. People cherish them and take an active part in their protection and management. Locals, travelers, men and women alike, take off their clothes and relax in the hot water, sharing a moment of their lives unarmed, naked, and without regard to nationality or religion. With time, though, the water becomes too hot and no one can remain. Newcomers take the place of old, and each one goes their separate way. Inevitably, people will leave this site, and come back again - a gradual cycle is formed.


General Festival Information

Title Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2015 “Mixed Bathing World”

Organizer Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2015 “Mixed Bathing World” Executive Committee

Dates July 18 (Sat) – September 27 (Sun)

 *each festival event may have its own holidays Please check the schedule of individual festival events to find when that event will be open.

 The symposium will be held on July 18(Sat) and the closing event will take place on September 27(Sun).

Location Throughout Beppu City

Aritistic Director Takashi Serizawa (P3 art and environment Director) 

Curator Norikazu Sato (Executive Director, Japan Contemporary Dance Network) 



 All prices above include sales tax.

- The passports, advance ticket, reservations will be available from June 11, via the festival website, “Mixed Bathing World” Information Centre at JR Beppu Station (to be open on July 11), as well as at the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival “Mixed Bathing World” Executive Office.

- For more details and conditions of purchase and use visit: http://mixedbathingworld.com/ticket

*1 Advance tickets are available until 5 pm of the day before the tour takes place.

*2 Applicable to the project 1-3 and 5, and collaborative events and projects, with discounts and special offer on shopping and use of facilities, etc. The admission with this passport is one time only for each project. 



Programme Details

1.Art  Gate  Cruise  

Special  Beppu  Art  Tour  that  invites  you  to  wander  across   Beppu  in  another  space  and  time


(One of the artists will exhibit at the underground arcade that was closed more than 50 years ago)

Since the port of Beppu was opened in the fourth year of the Meiji era (1871), upon a proposal by an influential politician, Masayoshi Matsukata, the city of Beppu has been transforming along with the modernization of the county. Not having been burned out by air raids, remnants of each period of time are left within this city. Narratives, which are not of an encompassing, grand story, but those on a microscopic scale, have accumulated. Upon these accumulated layers, the present city of Beppu rests as if it is an imaginary city, floating on the steamy waters.

In the depths of Beppu city, which is rarely accessible, artists add and alter narratives, based on their dialogue with the site. Art Gate Cruise brings these episodes together, allowing an encounter with memories of the city, The tour will be an extraordinary spacio-temporal experience.


Dates and Time 6 pm – 8:30 pm every Monday, Thursday and Friday 6 pm – 8:30 pm and 6 pm – 8:30 pm every Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays 

Location Throughout Beppu City

Meeting Point  “Mixed Bathing World” Information Center at JR Beppu Station

Fees Adult: Advanced purchase¥1,500 / Same-day purchase¥2,000 Elementary School Student:¥500 *Admission is free for preschool children.

Capacity 15 people / tour *reservation is needed. 

Program Director Takashi Serizawa


2.Beppu  Secret  Night  Dance  Tour 

The  city  becoming  a  theatre—the  mysterious  Beppu  night   will  lure  you  with  amazing  bodies  and  dance


(Performance by Monochrome Circus (2008) in a shopping arcade in Beppu City)

A body, or someone’s presence, is sensed through the flow of air mixed with odors so deeply sunk into the city. “Beppu Secret Night Dance Tour” takes place with different performers and locations. Led by a guide, the audience, not informed of the itinerary or destination of the journey, encounters dance performances at various places along the route. Dancers who are acclaimed both at home and abroad, with the addition of emergent dancers from Asian countries, will transform the city of Beppu into an alluring secret theatre.


Dates and Time 8 pm – 9:30 pm of every Friday and Saturday, as well as July 19 (Sun), August 13 (Thurs), September 20(Sun), 21(Mon and National Holiday) and 22 (Tues and National Holiday) 

Location Throughout Beppu City 

Meeting Point “Mixed Bathing World” Information Centre at the JR Beppu Station 

Performers Abe “M” aria, Shigemi Kitamura, Ginko, Ikuyo Kuroda, The Nobebo, Yukio Suzuki, Shoko Higashino, Monochrome Circus, Yummydance, Muda 

Fees Adult: Advanced purchase ¥1,500 / Same-day purchase ¥2,000 Elementary School Student: ¥500 *Admission is free for preschool children.

Capacity  50 people / tour *reservation is needed. 

Program Director Norikazu Sato *Production: Kyoko Yokoyama (Office KY), Saori Kosaki(JCDN) 

Note Only participants of the tour can view works. This tour takes you to places where you will need to pay greater attention to where you walk (i.e. stairs without handrails and poorly lighted spaces).


3.Eikyu  (Eternal)  Beppu  Theatre:  The  House  of  Horror 

A  haunted  house  produced  by  artists  that  invites  you  to  the   space  of  horror  and  wonder

(the 2nd term's artists:MuDA   photo by Koji Tsujimura)

Set in the former stripshow theatre “Eikyu Beppu Theatre”, artists, a lighting designer, a system designer and performers create a haunted house. During the festival period, three artist collectives will produce spaces of horror and wonder one after another, targeting audiences ranging from elementary school children to seniors. The first phase, coinciding with the opening of the festival, is the work of the Antibodies Collective consisting of Shoko Higashino (dance), Toshio Kajiwara (music) and Oleo (scenery). Their work, transforming an arcade into “Kusugin Theatre”, took the city of Beppu by storm during the Mixed Bathing World Festival in 2012.


Dates Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays *Closed on August 20 (Thurs), 21(Fri), September 10 (Thurs) . 

Artists&Time Details

 The 1st Term|Antibodies Collective:July 18 (Sat) – August 16 (Sun)

                         Every Thursday,Friday 4pmー7pm
               Every Saturday,Sunday and National Holidays 2pmー7pm

 The 2nd Term|Muda:August 22 (Sat) – September 6 (Sun) 

                         Every Thursday,Friday 4pmー7pm 
               Every Saturday,Sunday and National Holidays 2pmー7pm

 The 3rd Term| Fukuoka Kowaimono (scary things) Research Group:September 11(Fri) – September 27 (Sun)

                     Every Thursday,Friday 4pmー9pm
               Every Saturday,Sunday and National Holidays 1pmー9pm

Location Eikyu Beppu Theatre (1-1-12 Kitahama, Beppu City, Oita, Japan)

Fee ¥500 *no reservation needed.

Program Director Norikazu Sato *Production: Kyoko Yokoyama (Office KY), Saori Kosaki (JCDN) 

Note This tour takes you to places where you will need to pay greater attention to where you walk (i.e. stairs without handrails and poorly lighted spaces).


4.Wakukaku  Mixed-­‐‑Bathing  Department   

Something  happens  everyday!  Live  exhibitions  taking  up  the   whole  department  store



Artists exhibiting their works across the store, with spontaneous live paintings and performances, the much-beloved programme “Wakuwaku Mixed-Bathing Apartment” from the festival of 2009 will be making a comeback in a greater scale, with a new and even bigger venue ‘department store.’


Dates and Time Everyday during the festival period excluding August 26 (Wed) and September 9 (Wed) 10 am – 7 pm 

Location Tokiwa Department Store, Beppu Branch (Kitahama 2-9-1, Beppu City, Oita, Japan)

Fee Free *no reservation needed 

Coordinaors Masamitsu Katsu, Ichiro Endo and Pigstar Natsumi 

Participating Artists Approximately 110 artists (as of August 8, 2015)


4.Kashima  2015  Beppu  Artist  in  Residence  

The exhibition venue “Fujiya Gallery Hanayamomo”

Kan’nawa district of Beppu, which used to be a popular destination for a Toji therapy (hot spring cure), still remains of the Toji culture. Two artists from abroad stayed in ‘Kashima’ (hostels specialising for Toji), the style of accommodation unique to this area. Through the residency spanning one month, which allows the artists to engage the community and its history and narratives, new works of art are created and presented during the festival period.


Dates 18 July (Sat) – 27 September (Sun) Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday except for September 22 and 23 (National Holidays) 

Location Fujiya Gallery Hanayamomo(Kan'nawa 1,Beppu City Oita,Japan)

Fee ¥300 

Guest Director Keith Wittle 

Resident Artists Adam Chodzko, Sutapa Biswas  *one-month residency

Organizer NPO Beppu Project Beppu 


Contemporary Art Festival 2015 “Mixed Bathing World” Executive Committee

Supported by 平成 27 年度文化庁文化芸術の海外発信拠点形成事業


Public  Art  that  can  be  viewed  in  Beppu  during  the  festival  period

Beppu  Project  2015

A new piece of work by Yukari Ohira is installed on the wall inside the public bath Suehiro Onsen

Since its inception in 2005, NPO Beppu Project has been commissioning site-specific works of art within the city of Beppu. Visitors to the festival will be able to view these works that have become part of the everyday scenery of the city, as well as new works created for the 2015 festival.


Dates 18 July (Sat) – 27 September (Sun) *Depending on their location, installed works may be unavailable for viewing at times. Please check the schedule of each site of works to find when installed works are open for viewing. 

Locations Various locations across central Beppu City 

Exhibiting Artists Aili Zhang, Agathe de Bailliencourt, Yusuke Asai, Arte Radio, Yukari Ohira*, Toshie Kusamoto*, Yasuhide Kunimoto, Hitotzuki, Satoshi Hirose (Only guests of the hotel, Hamawaki No Nagaya House can view Satoshi Hirose’s work exhibited there), Takayuki Fujimoto*, Matej Andraz Vogrincic*, Michael Lin, Lani Maestro. (Artists with “*” symbol will present new works)

Organizer NPO Beppu Project 

Co-organizer Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2015 “Mixed Bathing World”Executive Committee 

Supported by 平成 27 年度文化庁 優れた現代美術の海外発信促進事業





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Beppu  Contemporary  Art  Festival  2015  “Mixed  Bathing  World”  Executive  Committee  

Suga‑kenzai  Building  2F,  2‑35  Motomachi,  Noguchi,  Beppu,  Oita  874-0933,  Japan    

Tel: +81-977-22-3560  




Press  Contact   E-­‑mail:  press@mixedbathingworld.com


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